Whistleblower system

Solar has a whistleblower solution that ensures confidential access to the top management in the company. The function of the whistleblower is performed by the internal audit, who reports directly to the management or the chairman, if the reported issue is about the management.

What can be reported?
Open a post box
You have the possibility to report serious issues that take place in the company, such as: suspicion about bribery, embezzlement, accounting fraud and more. You can also report issues that have resulted in serious person or environment damage. Issues regarding bullying, dissatisfaction with salary, etc. should not be reported through the whistleblower system but instead it should be sent through the usual communication channel in the company.
It is important that you describe all the facts concerning the reported issue - even the ones that you might believe are not so important. Please document your claim when possible. If you have written documentation that can be used as a proof, please attach the document in electronic format.
After you have reported an issue you have the option to follow the case development. It can be a very good idea to follow the case development, as the people investigating the case might need to ask clarifying questions in order to continue the investigation. Everything takes place anonymously. You get a case number and choose yourself a password.